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Oligosaccharides on the cell surface play important roles in biological phenomena such as cell-cell interactions, cancer metastasis, infection of viruses, and so on. Although various functions of the sugar chains have been described, the most difficult point in glycoscience is still getting enough resources to carry out the research. We supply a large number of sugar syntons for syntheses of glycoconjugates based on our technology, and we offer a custom synthesis service for sugar compounds that are not commercially available. We hope to contribute to the development of glyco-chemistry, glyco-biology, glyco-analytics and other glycoscience.

Glycoscience and TCI's Glycoscience Business

What is Glycoscience? What is TCI's Glycoscience Business?

Custom Synthesis

TCI, with proven experience in glycoscience, is an ideal company to entrust with your business.

Information about glyco-chemistry and biology

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