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Custom Synthesis / Bulk Chemicals

TCI offers world class service in chemical synthesis of a wide variety organic compounds on the milligram to kilogram scale at competitive price
In recent years, market demands for chemical products have become increasingly diverse and specialized, meaning that we must be able to offer customers a diverse range of synthesis techniques. TCI meets customer’s needs by leveraging our accumulated wealth of technical knowledge and experience and harnessing our diverse range of facilities and equipment designed for all kinds of chemical reactions.

Please contact us when you require:
  • Compounds that are not listed in our catalog
  • A large volume of our products
  • Manufacturing for your developed products using similar reactions or new synthesis routes

TCI's advantage

TCI has accumulated a diverse range of advanced techniques in research areas such as synthesis, refinement and analysis with more than 70 years of experience in the manufacturing of organic reagents. TCI’s primary strength is the way in which those techniques have been passed down and continuously improved across generations of researchers.

Our continually expanding range of facilities and equipment also allows TCI to offer a wide range of multiple services.

What TCI Can Do for You

Synthetic ability supported by high and rich experiences
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70 Year's Manufacturing Technology of Reagent Enables to Achieve High-Quality Standard
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Flexible Arrangement and Service for you
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Product Areas

Life Science and GMP
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Materials Science
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