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Technical Strength

TCI offers world class service in chemical synthesis of a wide variety of organic compounds.

Synthetic ability

Synthetic ability supported by high and rich experiences

TCI handles syntheses, multistep reactions, scale-up and bulk production by using knowledge and techniques we have obtained from our experience manufacturing a wide variety of reagents.

Examples of synthetic ability

Multistep reactions

Sublimation We can provide advanced purified products

Distillation Applicable to acid chloride

Other applicable reactions

Manufacturing ability

All TCI plants ready to cater to your needs

TCI manages syntheses of various kinds of compounds, multistep reactions, scale-up and bulk production by using a large variety of manufacturing equipment.

Manufacturing Bases

Fukaya Factory

ISO9001 & ISO14001

FDA Registration

Manufacturing Equipment

1) Reactors with Distillation Apparatus

2) Fermentation Equipment

3) High-pressure Reaction Equipment
High pressure hydrogenation gas,High temperature anti-corrosion,Treatment of sealing tube

4) Filters